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Chances are that you need an estate plan. Everyone should have an estate plan. The complexity of the estate plan is dependent on many variables. Our Estate Planning Attorneys will formulate the plan best suited for your situation. Our estate plans typically cost only a fraction of the expenses that are saved by streamlining or avoiding the probate process. A small investment now can save big later on. Whether it be a basic plan or an entire wealth transfer plan complete with trusts. We only accept a limited number of estate planning clients at any given time in order to dedicate our full resources to creating the perfect plan for you. Let’s talk.

Your estate plan should be personal to your wishes and needs. Estate Plan Creation Lawyer Robert Stiefvater believes in creating value for our clients in the creation of their estate plans. Online forms simply cannot replace the services of our Estate Plan Creation Attorneys. The will and trust documents that are found online are simply fill in the blank forms. Many are insufficient for their stated purposes. For example, one wrong phrase can invalidate or change the entire interpretation of the document. At Stiefvater Law, LLC, we take the time to understand your concerns and wishes and draft each document specific to you, the client.

Estate Plan Creation Lawyer Robert Stiefvater offers his clients a basic estate planning package. These are documents that everyone should have. Many of Robert’s clients require the preparation of additional situation specific documents, but at the core of every estate plan created by his Estate Plan Creation Law Firm is the basic estate plan package.

The basic estate plan package consists of:

1. Health Care Power of Attorney;

2. Last Will & Testament;

3. Durable Power of Attorney; and

4. Living Will

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Living Will:

Legal Document that provides instructions regarding end-of-life care if you are unable to make those decisions on your own. Ensures that your own choices and medical wishes are honored and how you should be cared for in end-of-life situations when you become incapable of communicating your wishes. Sets forth your wishes on topics such as resuscitation, desired quality of life and end of life treatments, including organ donation and treatment you do not want to receive. Without a living will, the laws of the State of Oho will determine who will make your health care decisions.

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR):

One of the most important parts of your Living Will includes indicating your wishes regarding resuscitation. Your Living Will expresses your wishes regarding resuscitation. This issue still needs to be addressed with your doctor and a state specific form needs to be completed and signed by the physician to start taking effect. This is especially important in a pre-hospital situation to prevent paramedics or your health care facility from trying to resuscitate you if your wish is not to be resuscitated.

Our Estate Plan Creation Law Firm takes the time to explain the estate planning process, which requires that our clients understand the terminology being used. Some of this estate planning specific terminology includes the following:


An executrix is the same as an executor, but is gender specific and related to the female gender.


An administratrix is the same as an administrator, but is gender specific and related to the female gender.


Similar to Executors and Administrators, but handles estates that are processed as a Release from Administration.

Estate Tax:

Estate tax is a tax applied against money/assets transferred upon someone’s death. In Ohio, there is no state estate tax, but the federal estate tax still applies.

Will/Last Will and Testament:

A Will, or more formally known as a Last Will and Testament is a document that is signed by the Testator and 2 witnesses and specifies who should receive the Testator’s assets, who should be appointed as the Executor and who should be the Guardian over any minor children. This is an important piece of everyone’s estate plan.

By limiting the number of clients we represent, Stiefvater Law is able to take the time to ensure that each client understands every step of the estate planning process.

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