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OVI is another name for DUI or Drunk Driving in Ohio.  OVI is a serious charge.  A conviction is on your driving record forever.  It cannot be sealed or expunged.  OVI law is intricate and constantly changing.  It is for these reasons that Stiefvater Law only accepts a limited number of clients to defend. If you have been charged with OVI, contact Stiefvater Law for a free consultation. Even if we are not currently accepting new clients, we will discuss your options with you and make sure you understand the possible penalties you are facing.

Legal Limit

The legal limit for OVI in Ohio depends on the substance of which you are accused of being under the influence.  Alcohol has a different legal limit if you are 21 (or older) or under 21.

Exceeding the legal limit for OVI in Ohio will certainly result in a charge of OVI. Many people are not aware that you can also be charged for OVI in situations when you are under the legal limit. In those circumstances, the prosecution must prove that you were impaired while operating a motor vehicle. They often attempt to do this through officer testimony, video, and audio evidence.

If you have been charged with OVI, contact us to discuss your case. Even if we are not accepting new clients we will provide a free consultation.

OVI Penalties

In Ohio, OVI can be a misdemeanor or a felony. There are many factors that influence the degree of your charge as well as the penalties you are facing. OVI penalties begin with the license suspension you were given at the time of your arrest (or once the blood or urine test results were returned). OVI penalties only increase from there.

OVI penalties are severe. Conviction of even a first lifetime OVI results in a mandatory minimum one (1) year license suspension. There is also a mandatory minimum three (3) or six (6) day jail sentence. The jail sentence on a first OVI can be up to six (6) months. Please keep in mind that this is only a partial list of first offense penalties.

Consequences can quickly become more severe depending on various factors. Call now for a free consultation.


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