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Everyone should have an estate plan. It’s the complexity of the estate plan that should vary to each individual situation. Brecksville Estate Plan Creation Lawyer Robert Stiefvater formed Stiefvater Law, LLC in order to provide cost effective estate plans for select clients. Our estate plans typically cost only a fraction of the expenses that are saved by streamlining or avoiding the probate process. A small investment now can save big later on. By limiting the number of clients we represent, we are able to provide individual service that is practically unheard of in this day and age. Our Estate Plan Creation Lawyers prepare only those documents that are necessary for our clients. We never sell services that aren’t recommended. We take our estate planning seriously – let’s talk.

A good estate plan in Brecksville, Ohio will streamline the process of distributing your assets as well as make sure you are taken care of when you are unable to make those decisions on your own. An estate plan is personal. There is no one size fits all plan. Online forms are simply fill in the blank and do not take into account your personal wishes or complete picture of your assets. Estate Plan Creation Lawyer Robert Stiefvater takes the time to understand the big picture – and creates the documents for your estate plan accordingly.

Our Brecksville Estate Planning Law Firm offers a basic estate plan package. This package contains the documents that everyone should have – regardless of the size of estate. Some clients may need additional documents but at the core, our Estate Plan Package is a must have for individuals.

The basic estate plan package consists of the following documents:

1. Last Will and Testament;

2. Durable Power of Attorney;

3. Living Will; and

4. Health Care Power of Attorney

Speak with one of our Brecksville Estate Plan Creation Attorneys about your specific estate planning goals.

Heath Care Power of Attorney:

Legal document that names a person or persons you want to make medical decisions for you in an emergency and when you are unable to make the decisions yourself. Even though you set out your wishes in your Living Will, it is impossible to cover every medical circumstance, and the person who is named as your health care power of attorney can make decisions not covered by your Living Will. Your Health Care Power of Attorney cannot contradict the terms of your Living Will, but rather are there to fill in the gaps in situations not covered by your Living Will. It is important to discuss your wishes regarding end-of-life care with your named Health Care Power of Attorney.

Last Will & Testament:

The legal document through which an individual expresses their wishes as to how their assets and property are to be distributed at death. A Will names an executor or executors to manage the estate until its final distribution. Having a will does NOT mean that you will avoid probate.

Our Estate Planning Law Firm takes the time to explain the estate planning process, which requires that our clients understand the terminology being used. Some of this estate planning specific terminology includes the following:


A term used to identify someone that is entitle to receive real property pursuant to a Decedent’s Will.


A gift made to someone through a Decedent’s Will.

Power of Appointment:

A power granted to someone in a Decedent’s Will which allows that person the ability to appoint their allocated inheritance to someone else. This power can be limited to certain people, or can be general and applicable to anyone.


If a Decedent had minor children and they children had no living parents after the Decedent’s death, the Guardian is the person that takes custody and discretion over the minor child.

Stiefvater Law, LLC pledges to take the necessary time with each of our limited clients to ensure that they are comfortable and have a complete understanding of the estate plan they are creating.

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