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There are certain documents that everyone should have prepared. There are additional documents that should be prepared depending on your individual situation. Our Estate Plan Creation Lawyers in Akron, Ohio will take the time to understand your goals and wishes for your estate – no matter how big or small – and prepare only the documents that are needed to achieve those goals and wishes. Our estate plans typically cost only a fraction of the expenses that are saved by streamlining or avoiding the probate process. A small investment now can save big later on. We limit the number of clients we serve in order to provide individualized estate planning services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Let’s talk.

Your estate plan should be personal to your wishes and needs. Estate Planning Attorney Robert Stiefvater believes in creating value for our clients in the creation of their estate plans. Online forms simply cannot replace the services of our Akron Estate Plan Creation Lawyers. The will and trust documents that are found online are simply fill in the blank forms. Many are insufficient for their stated purposes. For example, one wrong phrase can invalidate or change the entire interpretation of the document. At Stiefvater Law, LLC, we take the time to understand your concerns and wishes and draft each document specific to you, the client.

Akron Estate Planning Lawyer Robert Stiefvater offers his clients a basic estate planning package. These are documents that everyone should have. Many of Robert’s clients require the preparation of additional situation specific documents, but at the core of every estate plan created by his Estate Planning Law Firm is the basic estate plan package.

The basic estate plan package consists of:

1. Health Care Power of Attorney;

2. Last Will & Testament;

3. Durable Power of Attorney; and

4. Living Will

Speak with one of our Estate Plan Creation Lawyers in Akron about your estate planning needs and wishes.

Last Will and Testament:

Legal document by which a person expresses their wishes as to how their property is to be distributed at death. A will names one or more persons to manage the estate until its final distribution. Having a will does NOT mean that your estate will avoid probate.

Durable Power of Attorney:

Legal document that grants a trusted agent (Attorney-in-Fact) the authority to act on behalf of the principal (person granting the authority) in financial matters. The agent can legally manage the principal’s finances and property, make all financial decisions and conduct all financial transactions (unless the Durable Power of Attorney limits the powers). The Attorney-in-Fact is obligated to make decisions consistent with the wishes of the principal but has full authority to make autonomous decisions. This document, with certain exceptions, takes effect once the principal is incapacitated and unable to make decisions on their own.

Our Estate Planning Law Firm takes the time to explain the estate planning process, which requires that our clients understand the terminology being used. Some of this estate planning specific terminology includes the following:

Creditor’s Claim:

If the Decedent owed a debt to anyone, that person is considered a creditor of the Decedent’s estate and must present their claim against the Decedent’s estate within 6 months from the Decedent’s date of death.

Next of Kin:

Put simply, next of kin is the closest living family of the Decedent.


The Executor, Administrator or Commissioner that is appointed by the Probate Court to manage the Decedent’s Probate Estate is considered a fiduciary.


If there is no Will that waives the requirement of posting bond, the state requires fiduciaries to submit a bond to the Court guaranteeing they serve their duties as fiduciary without fail.

By limiting the number of clients we represent, Stiefvater Law is able to take the time to ensure that each client understands every step of the estate planning process.

Call the Akron Estate Planning Attorneys at Stiefvater Law to find out if we are currently taking on new clients. We are the Estate Planning Lawyers in Akron, Ohio, 44203.

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