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By limiting the number of clients we represent, Traffic Ticket Defense Law Firm Stiefvater Law is able to dedicate their full resources to protecting your license. If you are in need of help defending your driver’s license in Brecksville, Ohio, call now. Speak with a successful Driver's License Attorney and learn how we can help. Let’s talk.

Our team of results driven Driver's License Defense Lawyers will represent you for traffic offenses, reinstatement, driving privileges, and license suspensions. Stiefvater Law is a well known Traffic Ticket Law Firm that aggressively represents commercial driver’s licenses (CDL), juveniles, individuals with a license, and individuals without a license that may be charged with an offense. Our track record of success has made us the go-to Driver's License Attorneys in Brecksville, Ohio, 44141.

Driving Under Suspension or DUS

A driver’s license can be suspended for many reasons. Our Brecksville Driver's License Defense Attorneys can help. Whether you are facing a charge that can result in a license suspension, or if you are already under suspension and need help getting your right to drive back – call now. We will develop a plan to protect you and your right to drive. Let’s talk.

Types of License Suspensions

There are many types of suspensions. Brecksville Driver's License Defense Law Firm Stiefvater Law will figure out your suspension and fight to get you back on the road. The most common suspensions are:

Drug Offense Suspension

Judgment Suspension

Driving Under OVI Suspension

Suspension for Reckless Operation

Failure to Appear Suspension

Suspension for Hit Skip

Financial Responsibility Suspension or FRA

12 Point Suspension

Failure to Reinstate

Failure to Pay Court Fine Suspension

Traffic Offenses

Our Brecksville Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys at Stiefvater Law can defend any traffic violation. Our experience is your advantage in the courtroom. Call to discuss your specific case and possible penalties, including points. We will fight your traffic ticket in Brecksville, Ohio.

We have experience with all threats to your driver’s license; including:


School Zone

Yield to Emergency Vehicles

Driving in Marked Lanes

Red Light Violations

Hit Skip


Physical Control

Wrongful Entrustment

Drag Racing

Left of Center

Reasonable Control

Reckless Operation

Assured Clear Distance

We also handle the following cases in Brecksville, Ohio: Bicycle cases, Railroad Crossing Violations, Driving While Texting, Low Speed, Moped cases, Weaving Within Lanes, Illegal U-Turn, Turn Signals, No Operator’s License, Expired Plates, Stop Sign Violations, Parking on Highway, Seatbelt, Distracted Driving, Snowmobile cases, Equipment Violations, Stopping After Accident, Fictious Plates, and Expired License.

Call the Brecksville Traffic Ticket Attorneys at Stiefvater Law to find out if we are currently taking on new clients. We are the Driver's License Defense Attorneys in Brecksville, Ohio, 44141.

The following are definitions found in Ohio’s Traffic Laws:

(F) "School bus" means every bus designed for carrying more than nine passengers that is owned by a public, private, or governmental agency or institution of learning and operated for the transportation of children to or from a school session or a school function, or owned by a private person and operated for compensation for the transportation of children to or from a school session or a school function, provided "school bus" does not include a bus operated by a municipally owned transportation system, a mass transit company operating exclusively within the territorial limits of a municipal corporation, or within such limits and the territorial limits of municipal corporations immediately contiguous to such municipal corporation, nor a common passenger carrier certified by the public utilities commission unless such bus is devoted exclusively to the transportation of children to and from a school session or a school function, and "school bus" does not include a van or bus used by a licensed child day-care center or type A family day-care home to transport children from the child day-care center or type A family day-care home to a school if the van or bus does not have more than fifteen children in the van or bus at any time.

(G) "Bicycle" means every device, other than a device that is designed solely for use as a play vehicle by a child, that is propelled solely by human power upon which a person may ride, and that has two or more wheels, any of which is more than fourteen inches in diameter.

(H)"Motorized bicycle" or "moped" means any vehicle having either two tandem wheels or one wheel in the front and two wheels in the rear, that may be pedaled, and that is equipped with a helper motor of not more than fifty cubic centimeters piston displacement that produces not more than one brake horsepower and is capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed of not greater than twenty miles per hour on a level surface. "Motorized bicycle" or "moped" does not include an electric bicycle.

(I) "Commercial tractor" means every motor vehicle having motive power designed or used for drawing other vehicles and not so constructed as to carry any load thereon, or designed or used for drawing other vehicles while carrying a portion of such other vehicles, or load thereon, or both.

(J) "Agricultural tractor" means every self-propelling vehicle designed or used for drawing other vehicles or wheeled machinery but having no provision for carrying loads independently of such other vehicles, and used principally for agricultural purposes.

(K) "Truck" means every motor vehicle, except trailers and semitrailers, designed and used to carry property.

(L) "Bus" means every motor vehicle designed for carrying more than nine passengers and used for the transportation of persons other than in a ridesharing arrangement, and every motor vehicle, automobile for hire, or funeral car, other than a taxicab or motor vehicle used in a ridesharing arrangement, designed and used for the transportation of persons for compensation.

(M) "Trailer" means every vehicle designed or used for carrying persons or property wholly on its own structure and for being drawn by a motor vehicle, including any such vehicle when formed by or operated as a combination of a "semitrailer" and a vehicle of the dolly type, such as that commonly known as a "trailer dolly," a vehicle used to transport agricultural produce or agricultural production materials between a local place of storage or supply and the farm when drawn or towed on a street or highway at a speed greater than twenty-five miles per hour, and a vehicle designed and used exclusively to transport a boat between a place of storage and a marina, or in and around a marina, when drawn or towed on a street or highway for a distance of more than ten miles or at a speed of more than twenty-five miles per hour.

(N) "Semitrailer" means every vehicle designed or used for carrying persons or property with another and separate motor vehicle so that in operation a part of its own weight or that of its load, or both, rests upon and is carried by another vehicle.

(O) "Pole trailer" means every trailer or semitrailer attached to the towing vehicle by means of a reach, pole, or by being boomed or otherwise secured to the towing vehicle, and ordinarily used for transporting long or irregular shaped loads such as poles, pipes, or structural members capable, generally, of sustaining themselves as beams between the supporting connections.

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