Stiefvater Law limits the number of clients we accept. By limiting clients, we are able to provide the personal attention that used to be the standard in the law. Too many firms have lost touch with the individual. At Stiefvater Law, the individual is our focus as well as results that exceed expectations.

Stiefvater Law will guide you through the estate planning and probate process. By leveraging the use of paralegals, our fees are extremely competitive while delivering exceptional results. Call us for a free consultation regarding your estate planning or probate needs.


Stiefvater Law will prepare your estate planning documents, but only after fully understanding the way you want your estate to be passed on to your loved ones. Client focused preparation is the number one reason why our estate planning clients refer other clients to us.

There is a misconception that only high net worth individuals should have an estate plan. The truth is, there are basic estate planning documents that everyone should have. Individuals with high net worth may need additional documents. Contact us to discuss your estate planning needs and goals, and we will create a plan that exceeds your goals.

We offer basic estate planning packages and do not oversell our services.


We understand the emotional and legal issues involved with the probate of an estate. While representing the estate, it is the survivors of the loved one with whom we deal. We take the time to explain the process so everyone involved understands each step of the probate process.

Probate is the process of distributing an individual’s assets, including real estate, after that individual passes. If there is no will, the Ohio Revised Code dictates who receives the estate assets. Simple estate planning, through the use of a will and or trusts, will streamline the transfer of assets and minimize the costs of probate. Often, a good estate plan will pay for itself through savings achieved by streamlining probate and trust administration.


Call Stiefvater Law for a free consultation. We will answer your questions and make sure you understand what our estate planning and probate lawyers can do for you.