The Beginning

Founding Attorney Robert Stiefvater has been licensed to practice law in Ohio since 2003. He passed the Florida Bar Exam in 2004.  He has worked at one of the largest Prosecutor offices in Ohio, has defended Fortune 500 clients, law enforcement agencies, and numerous counties and cities throughout Ohio.

Robert has practiced throughout the State of Ohio, appearing in Mayor’s Courts, Municipal Courts, Courts of Common Pleas, Probate Courts, Domestic Relations Courts, Federal Trial Courts, and Appellate Courts (State and Federal).

The Revolution

While Robert’s practice started with a focus of representing the interests of the State of Ohio as well as insurance companies and Fortune 500 businesses, all that changed in 2009 when he founded Stiefvater Law, LLC. By focusing representation on individuals and limiting the number of clients, Stiefvater Law has grown in representation and reputation. In fact, many of Stiefvater Law’s clients are referrals from other attorneys and law firms. Besides a glowing review from a client, there is no greater compliment than for other attorneys to refer us clients.

Limited Clients. Proven Results.

Early in his career, Founding Attorney Robert Stiefvater noticed that public defenders and small law firms commonly had a very poor reputation – even though they were often some of the most talented lawyers! The reason for this reputation was that those offices had too many clients! Thus, Robert’s driving goal was to never be in a position where there was a shortage of time to prepare a case or keep a client informed. While most firms are trying to attract as many clients as possible, Robert has intentionally kept his client list limited. This has resulted in fantastic legal results and even more important, extremely satisfied clients.